Training English to Maltese College students

The very first English Examination that our students officially sit for Trinity college glasgow  is named the SEC Test. “SEC” stands for Secondary Schooling Certification and learners usually are between the ages of 16 and 18 whenever they sit for it. SEC will be the equivalent of the previous English ‘O’ Stage. This test tests the fluency, grammar, sentence composition and originality on the use of the English language through the Maltese university student. It regards the Maltese college student as possessing English as his 2nd language. I don’t agree using this type of notion.

Twenty years in the past Maltese society regarded the English language as remaining the Maltese student’s 2nd language so an elevated amount of fluency was envisioned from this sort of university student. Officially, English is the 2nd language in Malta; this is also declared in our Structure. Having said that, I believe that these days our pupils can not be viewed as acquiring English as their 2nd language. It’s because all through these final handful of years Maltese has become supplied extra great importance than previously prior to and our college students look to get far more focussed on it than just before. Furthermore, our learners are motivated by the media and that is mostly the Italian media here in Malta. I would also dare to imagine that Italian can be a lot more of a second language to quite a few Maltese pupils than English is.

After i was youthful, mastering English was considerably more crucial than learning Maltese. I keep in mind, that for the faculty that i attended ( a nun’s college) our mistress of self-discipline accustomed to fine us 5 cents for talking Maltese rather than English! The coin seems to have turned now – you will be frowned on should you speak English for your fellow citizens. There’s also the tendency of ‘snob’ labelling.

I feel that it is extremely important to learn your roots. Your indigenous language kinds part of your respective roots. However, talking yet another language mustn’t bring about controversies connected to patriotism or rejection of the roots or heritage. Talking English is basically a way of communicating along with the person who chooses to talk English as an alternative to Maltese might have his motives. It really is a well-known undeniable fact that Maltese vocabulary is extremey constrained. Not all feelings is often expressed inside the Maltese language. I feel that this has become the good reasons why a portion on the Maltese inhabitants chooses to precise alone in English.

The English SEC evaluation shouldn’t contemplate the Maltese student being an almost-native speaker of English any longer. It need to regard the Maltese university student as understanding English as a next language. I believe that if this have been the case, the tension on Maltese learners would lower. The SEC exam tests a large area on the Maltese student’s familiarity with the English language and occasionally it expects a lot more compared to student may give.